Augustine – One of the Most Important Theologians of All Time An official episode of Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith

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Augustine sought answers, and finally found them in Christ.

Two DVDs: The Augustine Story and Augustine: A Voice for All Generations

As the “Voice of the Emperor,” Augustine, a well-respected philosopher, was charged with the job of convincing people not to abandon the pagan gods of the leaders in Rome. He took his job seriously as many people were converting to Christianity. Augustine was on a mission to destroy bishop Ambrose’s good name since he was responsible for many of the conversions. But slowly, the Word of God that Ambrose preached began to change Augustine’s heart. He started to become sympathetic to Christian teachings. Then one day, he heard a voice telling him to "take up and read!" He picked up the Bible, opened to the Book of Romans, and began to read Chapter 13. It was then that he knew he had to give up his life of sin and serve God. Watch the incredible story of Augustine who went on to become one of the most influential Christian thinkers and writers in all of church history.

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Two DVDs: The Augustine Story and Augustine: A Voice for All Generations

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