Films for Our Children.
Films for the Mission Field.

Our Children and the World’s Unreached Speak the Same Language.

Our children are bombarded by every form of secular media. From social media to video games, to TV on demand and the internet, every possibly distraction is delivered up except for what they really need and long for — engaging and culturally relevant Christian media.

The unreached people groups of the world are mostly made up of those who cannot read or comprehend the printed page. They are starved for visual content that reveals God’s truth. The most effective way to reach them is proven — engaging and cultually relevant Christian media.

From our families to the field, RevelationMedia is on the forefront of delivering engaging and culturally relevant animated films. Films that promote Biblical literacy, discipleship and world evangelism. Films that are ALWAYS free to the missionary and to those who support our work.

“… This is the “holy grail” of Christian media. It is the thing EVERYONE in the missions community has been hoping and waiting for …”
—Cole Richards, Executive Vice President, The Voice of the Martyrs

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Your contribution will be used to produce and translate films like The Pilgrim’s Progress and THE ANIMATED BIBLE SERIES, and distribute these films FREE to the global missions community. In return you will receive exclusive access to the RevelationMedia Digital Theater which includes all our projects and a backstage pass so you can watch the films come to life. You will also receive a DVD copy of each episode of THE ANIMATED BIBLE SERIES as they are completed. Pledge $35 a month (or more) and receive a FREE Torchlighters DVD Gift Set (see below).

Torchlighters Book and DVDs

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For a limited time, when you pledge a gift of $35 or more to RevelationMedia, you will also receive an exclusive gift set of the award-winning Torchlighters series. This series consists of 16 episodes of Christian heroes on DVD and a 144-page, full-color activity book. This set is a $250 value and sure to inspire your entire family. It is presented as a free gift in appreciation of your partnership.

“I’m deeply grateful to such an amazing work which may prove to be one of the most powerful and effective progressive evangelism tools to spread the gospel to the lost world and especially to Muslims.”
—Isik Abla, Founder and President of Isik Abla Ministries Former radical Muslim and one of the top voices to the Muslim world

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Kingdom Minded Media. Engaging. Accessible.

RevelationMedia is equipping and empowering the Global Missions Community with culturally relevant content that break the barriers of engagement.