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The Pilgrim’s Progress

Help Complete the New CGI Animation of The Pilgrim’s Progress and Receive Exclusive Rewards!

John Bunyan’s classic The Pilgrim’s Progress is coming to life in a new high quality CGI animated feature length film. And you can be part of the journey!

Contribute now to the new CGI animation of The Pilgrim’s Progress and we will send you a copy of the movie once released to DVD. The film is nearly completed and with your help will be in theaters for a two day showing, Easter 2019!

Join The Pilgrim’s Progress team with your generous contribution. Get your own copy of the film when released and receive a chance to attend the premiere or even film credits! Select an amount below. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Pilgrim in the mud
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One of the Greatest Books Ever Written Is Coming to Life like Never Before in CGI Animation!

The Pilgrim’s Progress paints the journey we all walk, to the cross, and to eternal life. This film is sure to become an instant movie classic that draws viewers of all ages closer to Christ.

The story of The Pilgrim’s Progress was written over 300 years ago and has been on an unbelievable journey. Written by John Bunyan while in prison, Smuggled to the underground church during Soviet communism, banned for a time in China, and sold more copies than any book except the Bible! The journey of this remarkable work continues as it comes to an all new generation in a cutting-edge animated film.


A Global Impact

It is the desire of RevelationMedia to translate the film into the world’s top 100 languages reaching the front-lines of missions around the globe.

Commitments have already been made to fund no less than 20 key languages and additional fundraising will be sought to bring this film to all corners of the earth.

As a RevelationMedia, co-production, The Pilgrim’s Progress will be FREE to the international missions community to evangelize and encourage the nations! At RevelationMedia we are on a mission to empower every parent, every pastor and every frontline worker with relevant kingdom-minded-media.

Communist China is hungry for The Pilgrim’s Progress

“We need The Pilgrim’s Progress NOW. It will impact China, like no other Film.” —Pastor Zhao

From the quality of animation to the anointed power of the story, this film has the ability to reach the people of China like never before. In a culture of extreme censorship the story of The Pilgrim’s Progress has ironically been embraced by Chinese officials.

The 300 year old book by John Bunyan is taught in english literature classes throughout China and is accepted reading material in schools and libraries. Imagine the impact this film will have in the communist country of China. Whether distributed through the underground church, or legally in theaters, the classic allegory of The Pilgrim’s Progress will continue to point viewers toward Christ the King.