George Müller – The Man Who Cared for 10,000 Orphans An official episode of Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith

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George Müller’s ministry relied on radical prayer.

Two DVDs: The George Muller Story and Robber of the Cruel Streets

George Müller, once a man corrupted by money, had only two shillings left in his pocket when God pressed on his heart to found an orphanage in Bristol, England. After a life of stealing money and asking for it from others, he was determined to rely on God alone. He was no longer a thief; he had heard the Good News in a small prayer meeting and converted–and his whole life had changed! In every need, from building structures to food for the many orphans, he always presented his prayers to God alone. Never did the children ever go without a meal. Not even once! The Lord always sent what was needed in due time. George Müller had complete faith that God was good, and sought to serve those who needed the most help. Watch the edifying story of Müller’s life lived in humble service of God and his neighbor today in this FREE online event.

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Two DVDs: The George Muller Story and Robber of the Cruel Streets

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