John Wesley – The Founder of the Methodist Movement An official episode of Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith

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John Wesley inspired countless people to follow the Lord.

Two DVDs: The John Wesley Story and John Wesley: The Faith That Sparked the Methodist Movement

John Wesley’s life was one of radical thankfulness, but it wasn’t until later in life that he understood God’s grace. John was thankful to God for saving him from a burning home as a child, and for opening his eyes to God’s free gift of salvation. His commitment to God was never in question. As a minister, Wesley traveled to America to work with Native Americans. He stayed for a year and nine months before returning and preaching throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. He attempted to live his life by strict obedience to God. In fact, he and his brother Charles earned the nickname "Methodists" because of their methodical habits of spirituality and lifestyle. After a lifetime of trying to earn God’s grace, Wesley attended a Bible study and realized that salvation is a gift from God and cannot be earned. He finally understood that good habits are the result of God’s grace and mercy, not the cause. Watch the inspiring story of John Wesley’s life and learn from his commitment to God’s Word and the message of the Gospel.

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Two DVDs: The John Wesley Story and John Wesley: The Faith That Sparked the Methodist Movement

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