Perpetua – The Young Mother Whose Faith Was Unshakeable An official episode of Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith

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Wild beasts could not shake Perpetua’s faith.

Two DVDs: The Perpetua Story and Perpetua: Early Church Martyr

There was a knock at the door. The door began to shake, and suddenly, the secret church meeting was overrun with Roman soldiers. Everyone was arrested, including Perpetua, a woman of a wealthy and noble family who had just given birth to her first child not long before. Separated from her baby, she was thrown into a gloomy prison in the city of Carthage. Facing death as punishment for believing in Christ, Perpetua refused to offer a sacrifice to Roman gods—even when pressured by her father—and continued proclaiming Jesus. Her courage and faith served as a witness to prison guards, and all who heard her teachings when she was in prison. The diary she kept was filled with influential, true stories of the early Church. Watch how she boldly went to her execution by wild beasts, trusting in the Lord that she would be with Him for all eternity in this FREE online event today.

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Two DVDs: The Perpetua Story and Perpetua: Early Church Martyr

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