Robert Jermain Thomas – The Bible Smuggler Who Gave His All For Korea An official episode of Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith

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God used Robert Jermain Thomas to bring His Word to East Asia

Two DVDs: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story and Robert Jermain Thomas and the Korean Revivals

Robert Jermain Thomas was a man of zeal. He was zealous to take the gospel to the people of East Asia, where most had never even seen a Bible. Robert desired that all of the people of Korea would hear the Gospel, so he ventured there despite threats of punishment from the government. As Robert worked as a translator on a Chinese trading ship, his ship came under fire. He managed to get some of the Bibles he was carrying to the shore but was murdered by some angry civilians. Years later, missionaries discovered that many Koreans had come to Christ after reading those very Bibles. See Robert Jermain Thomas’s incredible sacrifice as he brought the Word of God to Korea. The Robert Jermain Thomas Story is now available to stream for free in this online event!

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Two DVDs: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story and Robert Jermain Thomas and the Korean Revivals

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