Samuel Morris – The African Prince Who Became a Missionary to America An official episode of Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith

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Samuel Morris inspired countless missionaries to spread the Gospel

Two DVDs: The Samuel Morris Story and Samuel Morris: The African Missionary to North America

A scowling warrior raised his spear and aimed it straight at Kaboo. Then, out from the sky, a voice urged Kaboo: "Run, Kaboo, run!" He had been tied to a pole and surrounded by his tribe’s enemies, but when those words rang out, his ropes fell off and he ran into the jungle. Years later, Kaboo heard the story of Saul on the road to Damascus from Acts 9. He ran to the front of the church exclaiming, "I know that voice!" He realized that his Heavenly Father had rescued him, and so he faithfully devoted the rest of his life to serving God. To testify to his new life, he changed his name to Samuel Morris after a Christian teacher he had heard about. Though he passed away at only age 20 after his harrowing trip to America, his passion for the one true God who had saved him spread throughout America and inspired many people to become missionaries. Watch The Samuel Morris Story for free in this online event!

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Two DVDs: The Samuel Morris Story and Samuel Morris: The African Missionary to North America

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