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If you own a Bible in English, you have William Tyndale to thank.

Two DVDs: The William Tyndale Story and William Tyndale: Man with a Mission

At the time when William Tyndale lived, it was against the law to teach children the Lordís Prayer or the Ten Commandments. Church leaders believed that it was their job, and their job alone, to interpret the Bible for the common people, and the Scriptures were only available in Latin. But William Tyndale loved Godís Word and wanted it to be available to everyone. His lifeís mission was to translate the Old and New Testaments from the original Greek and Hebrew so that all people had access to a Bible in their own language. Though he accomplished this task, it angered church leaders, and he ultimately paid for it with his life. Watch the incredible story of William Tyndale. See how he persevered in his mission to translate the Bible, despite all adversity. The William Tyndale Story is now available to stream for free in this online event!

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Two DVDs: The William Tyndale Story and William Tyndale: Man with a Mission

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