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Gladys Aylward trusted the Lord for protection, even in the midst of war.

Two DVDs: The Gladys Aylward Story and Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman with a Great God

When Japanese forces invaded China during World War II, Gladys Aylward had a monumental task to attend to. At this point, she had served as a missionary in China for eight years, preaching the Gospel to children as she unbound their feet. Having created deep relationships with the villagers, Gladys Aylward became a national of the Republic of China in 1936. She was revered in the community and was trusted with over 100 orphans to care for, some of whom she had adopted. In spite of having sustained wounds during the attack, Gladys bravely led all of the children out of danger on a three-week-long, 100-mile journey across the mountains. She sang to them and told them stories of God’s faithfulness to His children. Watch as Gladys Aylward not only followed the Lord’s call to China as a missionary, but also trusted in His saving power as she protected and cared for orphans. The Gladys Aylward Story is now available to stream for FREE in this online event!

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Two DVDs: The Gladys Aylward Story and Gladys Aylward: The Small Woman with a Great God

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