RevelationMedia Presents a Special Event Featuring:
Selections from the Evensong Concert with Keith and Kristyn Getty

Evensong Concert Poster

In the ancient tradition of Evensong, the church lifts its eyes from a troubled day and turns its heart to face the Lord in worship. The Evensong project by Keith and Kristyn Getty is an echo of that precious tradition, born from the thoughts and conversations, prayers and songs that fill their home, particularly when the sun goes down. We pray that this special presentation with an exciting selection from the Evensong concert will help you feel the peace of Christ wherever you are. And may the CD help you carry that peace into any difficult and weary moments of the days and years ahead.

“We would encourage you to get involved to get this wonderful resource into the hands of as many families as we can. So, get involved prayerfully, financially, following along with all that RevelationMedia are doing with this wonderful resource.”

– Kristyn Getty
Evensong CD

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Evensong is an amazing collection of hymns and lullabies for young and old alike. The week of its debut, Evensong hit #1 on the Billboard Charts, replacing Frozen 2 in its category! We know your entire family will be blessed by this spiritually uplifting CD. Along with the Evensong CD, you will receive two bonus songs, AND links to watch the Evensong concert online and to download the music.

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