Stand with Lydia Request your free “Jesus Loves Me” masks

Lydia with face mask that reads 'Jesus Loves Me'.

“It made me feel a little sad and confused. The sad part was ‘cuz I love the words on that mask. And the confused part was ‘cuz I didn’t know why it was happening.”

— Lydia

When Lydia went to her 3rd grade class, she put on her favorite mask. It brought her comfort with three simple words — JESUS LOVES ME. However, officials in her public school made her remove the mask, calling it inappropriate and banning all masks with “religious” messages. Lydia was subject to punishment if she wore the mask again.

Now our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) are defending Lydia’s religious freedom in court.* We are also taking a stand with Lydia and offering free “JESUS LOVES ME” masks when you support RevelationMedia. Proceeds from the masks will be shared with Alliance Defending Freedom in support of their efforts protecting religious freedom for those like Lydia.

Make your generous donation below and receive your free masks. You may also request a pack of five or even ten masks (minimum donation required).

Stand with RevelationMedia, Alliance Defending Freedom, and Lydia with “JESUS LOVES ME” masks.

Masks are one-size-fits-all, fully adjustable, reusable, and washable.

This opportunity is brought to you exclusively by RevelationMedia and Alliance Defending Freedom.