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Sign the Petition Against Netflix’s Airing of Cuties

Netflix’s new “coming of age” movie Cuties celebrates the sexual exploitation of pre-adolescent children (11 year olds). With displays of age-inappropriate choreography and revealing outfits, it borders on child pornography. Enough is enough. The moral fabric of our society continues to erode, and films like Cuties are adding to this erosion.

The offending scenes are gruesomely unwatchable, subjecting the actors themselves—young girls—to display adult sexuality to all Netflix viewers. Objectifying young girls cannot and should not be considered a means to an end to prove any point in a movie. So, regardless of any argument about the “point,” the overt sexual depiction of children present in the movie Cuties is morally reprehensible, and should be cause to remove the movie from the streaming service.

Sign the petition to add your voice. “We will not support Netflix while they continue to sexually exploit young girls! Please remove Cuties immediately from your platform.”

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