Stephen’s Test of Faith A Journey of Inspiration for All Ages

What do you do when your faith is put to the test?

DVD: Stephen's Test of Faith

Our children live in a world that often stands against their faith. Watch this challenging and encouraging movie today in this free online event, and share it with your kids and grandkids. This powerful short film will help bolster their faith and strengthen them as they live for Christ in a culture that so often does not.

Twelve-year-old Stephen faces ridicule for his faith in Jesus. As he wrestles with rejection from his peers, Stephen confides in his parents, then goes to sleep that night. Asleep, Stephen takes a journey through Christian history, meeting Biblical and historical figures–people who had shared their faith in Jesus and even suffered for it. He meets Jesus, Stephen the martyr, and families facing persecution in the Roman colosseum. Stephen sees with his own eyes the gravity of what it means to believe in and witness to Christ.

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Make a donation and receive a FREE DVD

DVD: Stephen's Test of Faith

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